Amir Liberman on TeDx 2012 – Identifying The Underlying Emotions In Speech

Amir Liberman one of the fine researcher in the field of forensic voice analysis and an ambitious Israeli researcher. He started his research in this direction after the terror attack that caused death of three Israeli women. His objective was to built an accurate lie detector system and he achieved success to a great extent. Firstly Amir started recording himself, his family and friends, he asked to sit here and lie to me. Then he analyzed their answers but could not gain appreciable result.

After this  Amir liberman started measuring basic human sensations and this gave rise to the fact that there are three basic sensations in the human voice they are excitement, stress and uncertainty. People lie when they feel that speaking truth will not give them desired result, so he started identifying the underlying emotions in speech.

Amir formed Nemesysco, Ltd. in April of 2000 where he invests all his efforts in fine-tuning the LVA technology for home-land security, fraud prevention, call centers utilities and CRM applications. As LVA technology has world famous same as in this time iphone accessory like speakers for iPhone  has world famous accessory for the smart phone users.

amir Liberman among other unique innovative entrepreneurs such as Rossella Ferraro,Paul de Blot  and others was invited to speak and present there achivments, ideas and agendas.

On November 30, Amir ran the voice analysis software for all speakers. Some are immediately understandable, some are quite surprising! As Amir Liberman stated: ‘I think it is important to say that there are no good or bad emotions, this is why we call it the “Diamond” – it is all very precious, it just looks different for different people…”’Nevertheless, we have some really interesting observations! First of all, we ran the voice analysis for two speakers that we all know are terrific speakers: President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton. Are their ‘’Diamonds’’ different from those of other speakers? They are! you can read and see the result of this analysis also here.

Obama Analysis by Amir Liberman

Obama Analysis by Amir Liberman

“Why should you listen to him?

As a pioneer in the development of the first computerized emotion detector, Amir Liberman is now applying his technology in call centers and insurance companies worldwide – but what can it teach us about TED talks?

More about this speaker

See and learn more about the work of Amir Liberman, visit the website”

{Taken from Ted and as posted  about Mr. Liberman on on December 2012}


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